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  • In this post we will look to explain what pension calculators are available, how they differ from each other and why you will still need financial advice from an expert like Ellis Bates when planning for your retirement.
  • In this post, we'll explore how the state pension has changed in 2017 so far, with more potentially still to come with the Autumn budget.
  • Chartered Financial Planner, Mark Chandler, from Ellis Bates talks to Elle Bylo about school fees funding, the costly challenges parents face and how these could be dealt with.
  • Ellis Bates today announce the appointment of Ben Clapham as Divisional Director of the Client Engagement Team, based in the Harrogate Office.
  • Four brave Ellis Bates employees from the Harrogate office took part in a sponsored abseil down the side of their office building on Sunday 9th July 2017, to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.
  • See our latest investment infographic that evaluates the financial markets including our allocations to retirement funds, pension funds and investments, based on the economic climate. Ellis Bates holds a mix of investments and investment styles which include assets such as equities, fixed interest, property and cash.
  • In the world of investments you are faced with the rather unnerving job of trying to predict the future, with the only guarantee being that at the end of any given period you can review your decisions and identify exactly which funds you should have bought and sold at exactly which point to maximise your returns.
  • The start of 2016 saw global investors trying to come to terms with the falling oil price, resulting in an immediate sell-off in many risk assets. This has become synonymous with a weaker performance from energy sectors and oil producers, and had called into question the credit worthiness of many firms.
  • A fascinating evening at the US election is followed by an unexpected outcome, which sees Donald Trump beat Hilary Clinton in the race to be the next occupier of the White House.
  • The outlook for the commercial property sector has become more volatile following the result of the EU Referendum, held in the UK on 23 June 2016. As a result of this, UK property funds are seeing higher levels of redemption requests from their investors.
  • The result of the EU referendum on 23 June and the subsequent developments will naturally lead to many questioning the impact on their investments, particularly in the short term. For many the result was unexpected but given the narrow margins in the polls there was always a strong likelihood that this would happen.
  • Pension scams are on the increase, with the Citizens Advice Bureau revealing that 88% of people are missing pension scam warning signs. When the government introduced the new ‘pension freedom’ rules in April 2015, it allowed people to access their private pension funds all at once.
  • On the 23 June the UK is holding a referendum to decide whether we should remain in the European Union (EU) or not. With David Cameron strongly supporting Britain to stay in and results from a variety of referendum poll trackers wavering around a 50/50 split between staying and leaving, it is anyone’s guess as to what the results will be.
  • The 2016 Budget was announced by the chancellor, George Osborne, on the 16 March. There are many points that have gained both positive and negative feedback with one of the more surprising announcements being the U turn on the changes regarding pensions, with them remaining as they are.
  • On 4 February 2016, the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted 9-0 to hold UK interest rates at current levels. This now means that the UK base rate has been at 0.5% for over 6 years.

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