School Fees Funding

Taking a helpful and diligent approach to educational funding.

We can advise on a range of school fees funding options that help you to meet the challenge of paying for private school and provide your children or grandchildren with the best education possible.

Helping you to bridge the educational funding gap and provide an exceptional learning experience for your children

Funding your child’s educational future is possibly one of the most important aspects of your financial plan.

It’s important to have a broad view when it comes to funding a private education and to be well informed on all areas including entitlements, allowances, tax efficient options available, potential benefits of receiving financial assistance from grandparents, inheritance and setting up a trust.

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We’re here to provide school fees funding that’s robust, sufficient and tax wise

School fees are a major financial commitment for any family and can easily amount to many thousands of pounds. Effective school fees planning aims to give you more choices when it comes to paying for.

As with any significant purchase, effective planning is the key to affordability. We’re here to work with you to formulate a tailored school fees planning strategy that aims to ensure your children have the necessary financial support to fund their education from private school all the way through to university.

Our advice will help you to:

  • Make fees more affordable
  • Maximise investment returns as a source of funding
  • Take advantage of tax planning solutions


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