Planning for your Retirement: Personal Pension Advice & Plans

We'll design a personal pension plan that aims to maximise your financial wellbeing in retirement and help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you want.

We're here for all your business pension needs as well as your retirement and estate planning requirements.

Unlike many other financial advisory firms, Ellis Bates is not restricted to promoting the products of only a handful of companies and neither are tied to any one provider. That means you can be assured that the advice you receive will be totally independent and impartial.

Helping you to ensure the wealth you've accrued during your working life continues to give you the lifestyle you want when you retire.

We take the time to understand your plans and aspirations for later life. We're then able to provide you with considered advice that maximises your financial position - taking into account how and when you take benefits from pension arrangements and the interaction between these and other investments and income that you have.

Personal Pension Advice from Trusted Experts

At Ellis Bates we’ve been in the financial sector for over 35 years. We have vast experience in personal pensions and with our dedication to customer satisfaction we aim to become a life-long trusted partner. We’ll take you through your options, without trying to confuse you with industry jargon. We’ll listen to your circumstances, give you honest advice as to how we can help, and give you the support you need to make decisions regarding your financial future.

If you would like to know more, contact us today. We're here for all your business pension needs as well as your retirement planning and estate planning requirements.


Your financial partners for life...