Inheritence Tax & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Providing an effective Inheritance Tax and estate strategy to protect your beneficiaries.

We do this by providing professional advice and helping you to appropriately organise your affairs.

Inheritance Tax Advice

By ensuring you have the correct provisions in place we can help you avoid leaving your loved ones a substantial Inheritance Tax liability that substantially diminishes the value of your estate. We can help you protect your assets after your death in the event of a divorce or bankruptcy of one of your beneficiaries.  

Estate Planning

Estate planning focusses on the transfer of wealth and/or assets after someone passes away. Distinct from inheritance tax advice, estate planning means we will work with you to find the best plan to distribute your assets in the event of your death.

Why choose Ellis Bates for your inheritance tax and estate planning needs?

At Ellis Bates, we provide trusted advisers who will listen, will not judge, and find the best solution tailored to your individual needs. We’ll walk you through your options and give you no-nonsense advice which will serve your beneficiaries in the best way possible.

We will:

  • Speak clearly and avoid jargon
  • Not judge you, or your circumstances
  • Maximise the assets left to your beneficiaries

If you’re interested in learning more, aren’t sure what you need, or want to chat through the options for your financial future, contact us today. Our friendly sales team are always happy to help.



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