How We Will Help Your Business

How We Will Work With Your Business

The way that we’ll treat you as an individual speaks volumes about how we’ll treat the advice that we give you; with care, respect and absolute clarity

We believe in providing a personal approach and building a long term relationship with you. We'll take the time to explicitly understand your individual financial objectives and then we'll help you to meet them

Our approach is considered, meticulous and designed entirely around you. . .

Step 1: Getting to know you

Our initial meeting with you is purely exploratory and at this stage, there is no charge or commitment. The aim will be to:

- Discuss and identify your personal and financial objectives and aspirations.

- Gather all relevant information or your personal circumstances.

Once we understand the scope and complexity of the advice together with how long it will take us to compile we will tell you how much our advice will cost should you choose to proceed. Once we have quoted you a fee it’s fixed, even if it subsequently takes us longer than we anticipate. 

Step 2 – Putting our advice in writing

After our initial meeting, we’ll bring together the team who’ll work on your behalf, including your Financial Planner, paraplanning team and compliance department. Together, we’ll conduct all of the research required and your financial planner will then present our advice in writing, in a follow up meeting.

Any advice given will be considered appropriate, based on your time horizon, financial objectives and individual circumstances. It will also take into account your risk outlook and any capacity for loss.

Step 3 – Putting your strategy into action

Although there is no compulsion to take our advice, if you decide to proceed with all or part of our advice we would be delighted to arrange it for you.

Implementation of your plan is only the start of our long-term relationship. Once everything is in place, we’ll provide:

  • An ongoing commitment to always be there when you need us
  • Regular, in-depth, reviews which will include:
    • Appraisal of your investment performance and progression over the past 12 months.
    • Evaluation of your current circumstances and assessment of any changes that may have taken place since your last review.
  • Changes in your attitude to risk or capacity for loss.
  • Reviewing your objectives or aspirations to understand any changes to your longer term goals and reviewing/amending your strategy in accordance with these changes.


Your financial partners for life...