Independent financial solutions

A history rooted in providing outstanding independent financial solutions.

Ellis Bates is a privately owned, independent financial planning company (IFA). As one of the longest established IFA firms operating in the UK, we provide individuals, families and corporate clients with financial solutions that you can trust. Our business was founded by Peter Bates and Grant Ellis, who, 35 years on, still have a significant presence on the Board.

Whether you’re looking for a robust financial solution, investment advice or simply aren’t sure what to do about a specific financial matter, we’re here to help you.

We believe in helping you to ask the right questions. Then by listening to your needs we’re better placed to find the financial solution to suit your circumstances.

We aim to be a trusted provider of lifelong financial advice for you and your family’s needs.  Whatever your circumstances or however complex the advice you require may seem, we aim to treat all clients equally. We’ll take the time to understand you, cut through the jargon and provide the best guidance possible without resorting to jargon or confusing sales speak.

We'll help you to:

  • Avoiding making costly financial mistakes
  • Achieving a better return on your money
  • Access a broader range of financial solutions than you could access without our help.

We still live in the community we grew up in

Today, as our reputation, geographical reach across the UK and expertise continues to grow, our presence in the region and the principles by which we do business have remained fundamentally unchanged. In fact, we’re proud to say that many of our earliest clients and the generations that followed them continue to place their absolute trust in us as their financial guide.

Our core values are;

  • We do what’s right
  • We are in it together
  • We are passionate
  • We are ambitious


Your financial partners for life...